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The Company

LyoGen LLC (formally known as BioMatrix Engineering) was founded in 2001 and its core technology was developed by it’s founder in 1990. LyoGen develops proprietary lyophilized products in many different formats, including unit dose LyoDose™ beads, microbeads, and bulk products delivered in vials and powder formats.

Our services include formulations to ensure proper cryoprotection and stabilization during lyophilization, custom lyophilization cycle development, and custom design and fabrication of equipment. Our clients have access to the formulations for their products, as well as the lyophilization cycles. This ultimately allows our clients to formulate and lyophilize these reagents at their facility if required.

LyoGen creates proprietary lyophilized products in a variety of formats, including LyoDose beads, ideal for unit dosage, as well as microbeads and bulk products available in vial and powder formats.


Our Services

  • Custom formulations designed to ensure cryoprotection and stabilization during lyophilization
  • Custom lyophilization cycle development
  • Contract lyophilization and packaging
  • Custom design, fabrication, and implementation of lyophilization and packaging equipment
  • Complete client access to custom formulations and lyophilization cycles

Our Facility


LyoGen LLC’s state-of-the-art facility is located in the heart of the San Diego biotechnology community.

With over 4,000 square feet of laboratory, manufacturing, and packaging space, LyoGen has the capacity to formulate, lyophilize, and package over 500,000 LyoDose™ beads per week.

LyoGen meets or exceeds FDA cGMP requirements and is ISO 13485 compliant.


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The LyoGen Process

LyoGen’s proprietary process uses stabilizing reagents, custom lyophilization cycles, and custom LyoDose™ formats.

The resulting products are stable at room temperature and reconstitute instantly in the presence of aqueous solutions.
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BIG NEWS! We are pleased to announce that LyoGen is now part of Argonaut Manufacturing Services. Learn More
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